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Cheeky Cherry

Leakproof Undies for All. Month. Long.

Cheeky Cherry

Cheeky Cherry

CHEEKY CHERRY is a brand brought to life by 2 sisters who demanded to find better hygiene products for themselves and all others. What better way than to be the change they wished to see?

Creating a reusable product line of undies with built in pads & liners by using their existing expertise all while SAVING THE WORLD is a no-brainer!

CHEEKY CHERRY is  known for making THE CUTEST undies with a twist…they’re LEAKPROOF!! Game changer much!!!

Discover their trademarked PINK PROTECTION™ and fall in love with the brand!

Their vision is to inspire others to try reusable menstrual products without the “ew” and their mission is to create a community of individuals who are demanding of better products. With a cheeky attitude and light hearted conversation, CHEEKY CHERRY wants people to turn to them for their period and everyday needs.

CHEEKY CHERRY is constantly innovating and continuing to grow as they expand from e-commerce to brick and mortar pop-up locations to better meet consumer demand and have face to face interactions with their customers


Short term / pop up locations in Enclosed malls from 800-1,500 sq. ft

Expansion plan

2-5 strategically placed retail stores across Eastern Canada.

Team member

enclosed malls & exterior locationsBen Labrecqueben@oakmontrealestateservices.com514-917-5015