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The art of Gelato



Qwelli is a well renowned artisanal gelato house and gelato artist in Quebec & Eastern Canada. 

Offering not only a treat for the palette, Qwelli offers a treat for the eyes as well! Showcasing a spectacular array of artistically displayed gelato flavors and frozen desserts, people continue to be drawn to its one-of-a-kind window displays. With its animated terrace, it’s colorfully curated murals and its uniquely designed graphics, Qwelli creates an ambiance which is vibrant, eclectic and refined and all at once!

 To sum it up, Qwelli is without out a doubt your go-to frozen dessert destination, serving up the ultimate artisanal gelato experience with an artistic twist worked to perfection!



Enclosed malls & exterior locations. Kiosks: 250-300 sq. ft. / Inline from 800-1,500 sq. ft

Expansion plan

Eastern Canada

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Enclosed malls & exterior locationsJim Murdochjim@oakmontrealestateservices.com514-831-2001Roula Bchararoula@oakmontrealestateservices.com514-998-6431