Oakmont warmly welcomes our new client: Hula

May 9, 2018

Oakmont warmly welcomes our new client: Hula

Oakmont Real Estate Services is pleased to represent HULA as their Real Estate

consultants throughout Canada.


High tides & good vibes. Hula Poké brings a mix of traditional poké flavours and globally inspired bowls, that honour and lift up, beautiful raw fish. We make our food from scratch in-store for the freshest results & amazing tastes.

We know what goes around comes around, and believe in bringing in our global flavours through responsible ingredient sourcing, respecting our oceans, and making smart choices for now, and the future.

Our mantra is sun, sea & superfoods, and we’re bringing all our good vibes & laid-back eats to western Canada. Breeze in for a poké bowl or tostada, a welcome drink – a kombucha, or infused coconut water wai-tai’s – and some unreal go-munchies to stash away in your purse or desk. Hello #tastebudparadise.

Soak it in, drink it up. Here comes the sun (+ the fun).

Expansion Plans:

Select locations across British Colombia & Alberta

Specifications :
Food Courts, Office Towers, Power Centres, Outlet Centres 350-500 sq ft

Team Member:
Ben Labrecque

Site web :