Qwelli – The art of Gelato

February 7, 2022

Qwelli – The art of Gelato

In May of 2021, Paysanne Gelato unveiled their refreshed brand identity. The updates showed the evolution of their company since its founding in 1987. While this was a significant change, their core beliefs haven’t; that gelato is a true art form which should treat your eyes as well as your palette. Their key motivation has always been the pleasure that fuels their passion in creating gelato and providing their customers with a memorable experience.


Over the last two years they have poured their hearts and souls into creating a new image that would accurately depict who they are and who they are catering to; and enter the new identity: Qwelli.


In addition to a unique new name, Qwelli redesigned their entire storefront and kiosks to create a background that would allow their signature “WOW effect of gelato” to be properly showcased.

The new design embodies the artist with-in by using a mix of graphics, colors and textures to create a vibrant, eclectic and refined atmosphere. A decor that contributes to the entertainment and unique experience of the gelato artistry.

Gelato Artistry is there really such a thing? Gelato is even better when flavours are combined. Qwelli’s artists draw inspiration from your tastes and preferences to create unique combinations. With more than 40 gelato and vegan sorbets flavours, options are almost infinite.


At Qwelli, their creativity incites them to constantly renew the art of gelato and amaze their customers with each visit. They strive to surprise their customers and lead them to discover new flavours and unique combinations.


They currently own and operate 9 locations across the province of Quebec and are looking to expand further within the eastern market over the next 18-24 months. They are looking for a mix of open-air (high-street) and enclosed mall locations that meet the following criteria:



  • Good density with middle/high income population (Target: 18 to 35 years old)
  • On or near a commercial artery with event attractions or a “night life” (Restaurant, Theater, Cinema, Parks, etc.)
  • Good amount of pedestrian traffic
  • Size of the space: +/- 1,000 square feet (Min 700 and Max 1,200)
  • Terrace/outdoor seating mandatory

Enclosed Centres

  • High traffic locations. Preferably kiosks with seating, not too close to foodcourt. Open to inline locations with the right tenant mix, visibility and traffic.
  • Kiosks: 250-300 sq. ft. / Inline from 800-1,500 sq. ft